#FreeMelania- The First Lady scowled behind Donald Trump's back!

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Melania Trump scow
Melania Trump scow

Los Angeles : We all missed one moment at US President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on January 20- Melania Trump’s scowl behind her husband’s back!

Yes, during the speech where fellow mates were praising Trump, Melania let her mask slip and caught everybody’s attention, who wondered whether the first lady is actually not happy with her husband.

The First Lady to the 45th President of the United States captured everyone's imagination after literally letting her mask slip- she dropped a fixed grin as soon as her husband looks away.

The video soon circulated and led to the hashtag #freemalania on social media. Followers also noticed first lady’s poster during the inauguration ball and contemplated that she was moving like a robot and was seen really drifting away from Trump during the ceremony.

The changing parameters are interesting especially as up until this point, Melania's veneer has been nothing but polished.

Some social media users also complained that there's something quite haunting about that facial expression. Till date, she's been dutiful, well-turned out and slightly enigmatic.

Well, whatever she was knackered or there is a story behind that expression, Melania's probably going to be fine, that is what we can hope for!