White House press secretary ‘tweeted his own password’

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White House press secretary ‘tweeted his own password’
White House press secretary ‘tweeted his own password’

Los Angeles : In a shocking set up, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday accidentally compromised the security of his Twitter account by tweeting his own password.

In the morning, Spicer sent a string of words: “n9y25ah7” which looked like a password when we reset it.

The characters does lack capital letters which suggests that this might be a pocket tweet. It just happens to be eight characters in length, but was later deleted by Spicer hastily. 

The minimum password length on Twitter is six characters, by the way. But please don’t try accessing his account as doing so is illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA.) 

Officially, it remains unclear whether Spicer really did tweet his password or it was by mistake as he might be just trying to log in using two-factor authentication and made the mistake.

The tweet diplomacy has lately come under scrutiny as POTUS himself allegedly continues to tweet out threats to entire nations from an unsecured Android device.

As far as “hacking defense” goes, Spicer’s is among the worst.