Google Doodle celebrates Father's Day with a cactus doodle

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Google is celebrating the father’s day with a cactus doodle
Google is celebrating the father’s day with a cactus doodle

New Delhi : The third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s day. And today on the occasion of that Google is celebrating the father’s day with a cactus doodle. The main aim of the doodle is basically a tribute to the father in the world. 

The main idea behind father’s day is to acknowledge the sacrifices and love fathers show to their children, and how they do anything and go to any extent for the happiness of their children. 

The Google doodle cactus shows the beautiful relation of father children. The doodle shows the bond between the father and children with the help of six pictures of a cactus plant. The pictures show the journey of how a father nurtures his children from birth. It also shows the cactus father coming to the hair of child cactus, playing, feeding and nurturing them.

The first father’s day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, officially. There are many stories related to the emergence of this day. One such is that in May 1910, Sonora Dodd of Washington was listening to a church sermon on Mother’s day, when the idea came to her mind, that there should be a special day dedicated to fathers also. Next year she appealed for June 5, to be celebrated as Father’s day, which was also her Father’s birthday. 

This day is celebrated with sons and daughters sending love, gifts, and greetings for their father’s. This day is to mark the pain the father’s go through to make the life of their children good. This is to make the children understand the importance of their father in their life.