H1 B Visa in trouble; now victim's raise the rhetoric at CBS 60 minutes

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H1 B Visa and Donald Trump
H1 B Visa and Donald Trump

Los Angeles : On one hand where Indians are worried about new reforms in H1 B visa status, victims of the programme in US lashed out on top of the rundown Sunday primetime March 19 on America’s greatest shows CBS 60 minutes. 

The programme was headlined ‘You’re fired’ and featured the H1B bill’s original author. During the interview, he was heard saying that he’s “outraged” at the way the visa is being “hijacked” to lower labour costs.

He added, “They're American workers who just lost their jobs to foreigners. Even worse, they were told to train their replacements.”

The CBS digital site pitches in the story by saying, “Originally intended to help fill gaps in the high-tech workforce with highly skilled employees in situations where there aren’t enough Americans, the congressional framers of H-1B promised to protect U.S. jobs. Yet today, nearly every Silicon Valley tech company has brought in foreigners on H-1B visas and argue they can still use more because there are not enough Americans to fill those jobs. Morrison is mad. There are a lot of qualified American workers, but companies will do better financially if they hire the foreigner worker,” he tells Whitaker.  “I’m outraged. The H-1B has been hijacked as the main highway to bring people from abroad and displace American workers.”

Now, with H1B visa “victims” speaking out on CBS 60 Minutes, the issue is surely going to stay in the headlines and may demand an action from Donald Trump soon.

Recently, several things pertaining to H1 b has already altered- Premium processing has gone out the window, H1B workers spouses' employment authorization is becoming difficult and H1B refusals on the grounds of "insufficient paperwork" have garnered much publicity.

Even workers and families on H1B are quitting their India vacation plans for any further risks.

All this comes in wake of Donald Trump also saying at Michigan earlier this week, “You’ve heard me say the words, and I’ll repeat them, right now:  Buy American and Hire American. It’s not just a motto, it’s a pledge.  It’s a pledge to the working people of this country.  The era of economic surrender for the United States is over -- it's over.”