Video: Hungry bear locks himself in a car, terrified man tries to help

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Bear locked inside a car in forest
Bear locked inside a car in forest

Tennessee : A vacation turning into a nightmare has been captured on camera. A hungry bear locked himself in a car in Tennessee. A group of visitors spotted him struggling inside the car and one of them went up to help the bear in getting out.

According to, the group had left the car unlocked after reaching their cabin in Gatlinburg. The car also happened to have some dog treats inside it.

The things became scarier when they learned that another bear, apparently with the one who was locked inside the car, is lurking near the vehicle.

In the video, that shows close encounter of the group with the bear, a man can be seen trying to help the animal by opening door of the car. Even the thought of extending your hand towards a hungry bear with another bear behind him can give goosebumps to anyone.

After a little struggle, the bear managed to make his way out from the vehicle. The group eventually called the police for help, reports Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. Watch video below: