Hurricane Matthew claims 10 more lives, 'record-breaking' flooding in the US

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New Delhi : Hurricane Matthew in the United States of America has claimed nothing less than 10 lives and a 'record-breaking' flood in different regions.

According to data released by authorities, three people lost their lives in North Carolina, four in Florida and three more in Georgia, including a man who lost his life after a tree fell onto his house.

CNN reports, "Hurricane Matthew has left behind record-breaking flooding in many parts of the United States. Its center moved into North Atlantic Ocean giving birth to massive rains across eastern North Carolina. 

According to the National Hurricane Center, "This rainfall is leading to record-breaking flooding over portions of eastern North Carolina, and it may result in life-threatening flooding and flash flooding elsewhere across the region."

As per latest information, the Hurricane has weakened but still remains a big threat for many places in the United States.


# Hurricane Matthew claims at least 10 lives and a record-breaking flood in several parts of US.

# Floods came after Hurricane Matthew’s center moved into North Atlantic Ocean. 

# Latest information says Matthew has weakened but still a big threat.