In China, man mauled by tiger in zoo enclosure

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China tiger attack
China tiger attack

Los Angeles : Do you remember how a man was killed in a tiger enclosure in India’s Delhi Zoo. Well, a similar incident has happened in China where a man was killed by tigers after he apparently entered its enclosure at a wildlife park in eastern China.

This is the second such incident after July in 2016 when a big cat killed a woman who tried to save her daughter in a Beijing zoo.

Today’s incident occurred at the Tiger Hill enclosure at Youngor Wildlife Park in Ningbo city, about 200 kilometres south of Shanghai.

The authorities later killed the tiger and the video has garnered many views after its footage emerged online.

As seen in the footage, a tiger mauled a man in black clothing as visitors screamed in horror and two other tigers stood close by watching.

Later, the officers drove away the tigers using firecrackers and water cannon and rushed the man to hospital but in vain.

He succumbed to injuries and was declared.