In Tanzania, a woman MP asked to leave parliament for wearing trousers

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Image tweeted by @Jadwong
Image tweeted by @Jadwong

Tanzania : We are living in 2021, and the world is yet to accept woman and their clothing style. In one of the bizarre incident, a female Member of Parliament (MP) in Tanzania was asked to leave the house because she was allegedly wearing 'tight' trouser.

According to a BBC report, Condester Sichwale, a minister for the ruling CCM party, was removed from the Assembly on Tuesday after his male colleague Hussein Amar, had a problem with her clothes.

During the session, Mr Amar pointed at Sichwale and said, “Mr. Speaker, an example there is my sister seated on my right with a yellow shirt. Look at the trousers she has worn, Mr. Speaker.” The speaker then asked the woman MP to leave, dress up properly and join the house.

Hussein Amar argued that the house is a reflection of the society, citing a portion of Parliament’s rules forbidding female legislators from wearing tight jeans.

Sichwale returned later in a navy blue skirt. Outraged by the incident, women lawmakers in Tanzania have called for an apology to Sichwale.

Meanwhile, the news has gone viral on social media and netizens are now standing by her, saying that there was nothing wrong with her clothes.

Many said that it was yet another case of a man dictating women what to wear and moral policing them.

One user wrote,”I am annoyed with this. Like, really? I hate it when women’s clothes, bodies and decisions are policed by men. And those pants ain’t tight!! Uugh. Such a mysogonistic power trip by the speaker.”

Another wrote,” Seriously? The pants are not tight fitting at all and she looks presentable. The big question I suppose is why do they still have rules that police what women should wear in this day and age? Professional/ presentable should be enough.