Stunt gone wrong! Man dresses as superman gets hit by a bus

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Screengrab from viral video
Screengrab from viral video

New Delhi : The world is obsessed with superhero characters and sometimes they try to act like one, risking their lives. In one such incident, a comedian dressed as Superman was hit by a moving bus as he tried to show his strength by stopping the bus by his hand.

According to a report by DailyMail, the incident took place in the Brazilian municipality of Barra dos Coqueiros, when Luiz Ribeiro de Andrade when the comedian was trying to shoot the bizarre stunt. Notably, Andrade was trying to prove his ‘super-strength by trying to stop a moving vehicle. The stunt failed.

The video of the incident has surfaced online in which he can be seen standing confident of his actions but then suddenly a speeding bus comes and bangs on him. The comedian gets pushed forward and he continues to film himself. 

Luckily, nothing major happened and he came out safe. He even joked in the clip that the incident proves he is made of steel.

Luiz told 5News the following day that the stunt failed as he miscalculated the stopping distance and ended up being knocked down. He further added that the ‘hand of God’ had saved him from getting seriously injured as he didn’t feel anything even after the hit.

“It’s a stunt I always do, but this time it almost turned into an accident, and it wasn’t serious because the hand of God was there. I didn’t feel anything with the knock. I was hit through my own fault and a miracle of God took place there. God acted at that time and protected me,” 5News quoted him as saying.