Indian-American woman questions Sean Spicer, asks him if he ‘committed treason’

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Shree Chauhan- Sean Spicer
Shree Chauhan- Sean Spicer

Los Angeles : Indian Americans are facing assault cases across United States, therefore calling for government's move, a woman on Monday questioned White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in an Apple Store.

What was even more shocking was that she asked him what it is like working for a “fascist.”

A Viral video of the same was posted on social media by Indian American Shree Chauhan who also asked Sean Spicer if he “helped with the Russia stuff.”

Meanwhile, Spicer kept responding to the lady with a smile; at one point he was even heard telling Chauhan that “we have a great country.”


The viral Periscope video showed the woman asking how Spicer felt “about destroying our country.”

The interaction took place in the store where Chauhan was present to get her iPhone fixed when she spotted the press secretary.

In a post on Medium, Chauhan said, “I realized what an enormous opportunity it was to get answers without the protections normally given to Mr. Spicer.” 

She even dared to question Spicer by saying if he was a “criminal” and if he had “committed treason too, just like the president.”

In her post, Chauhan also mentioned, “That is racism and it is an implied threat. I was not polite. But when does being impolite mean that I should be thrown out of the United States of America? 

Spicer was finishing his transaction and was leaving the store when Chauhan asked if he felt “good about lying to the American people.”

She added in her post, “We can win if we resist together for liberty, justice and equality. This is our shared America,” Chauhan said in her post.

A real dare, we must say, but not without some answers.