Indian firms are taking advantage of H1 B: Congressman Darrell Issa

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H1 B Visa and Donald Trump
H1 B Visa and Donald Trump

Los Angeles : Indians on H1 B have been facing the wrath of US lawmakers following accusations that the visas are being used for fraud by Indian companies.

Blaming the Indian firms of taking advantage, now Congressman Darrell Issa, who introduced the bill of changing the salary scope of H1B Visa system to a minimum of $130,000 per year, on Tuesday said that some companies are taking full advantage of the flawed immigration system. 

"Indian companies have “gamed the system” and made the “best use of this flaw in Immigration System,” he added.

At an event hosted by Atlantic Council at the Capitol Visitor Center, he told, "The president supports (the bill). I think we will have strong support in the Senate.” 

Recently, following an uproar over the issue there has been an increased tension in all the Indian tech firms with the introduction of a new bill for H1B visa’s.

“You can’t have 75 per cent of a programme going to an Indian-owner, Indian operated, Indian employee visas and not say that this is distortion. It would be interesting that India would be concerned that a relatively simple change (in H-1B visas) that does not target India, somehow happens to be accommodation for India. Today 75 per cent of all H-1Bs are coming in about $60-65,000, which is pretty absurd considering these are high-skilled visas… If they were told to write $100,000 and you will get your H-1B, they will write that check. A graduate with a STEM degree from a US university is not going to take a job with $60,000 salary. And that’s the reality.”

According to report, Indian companies like Infosys are not applying for visas for employees with under four years of experience. 

While other companies are talking to clients about offshoring more work to India, and the work done by junior employees can be brought to India.