Lol! Thief tries to steal gold chain, returns as he finds no escape from store

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Image: Screengrab from viral video
Image: Screengrab from viral video

Thailand : Jewelley stores are among the most common hotspots for thieves and robbers and with the fact it becomes important for the store owners to keep the security system in its best condition. Most of the stores have now installed CCTV cameras and security systems to avoid robbery incidents. A funny incident has been captured in the camera where a thief tries to steal a gold chain and fails miserably.

The video of the incident had gone viral in 2018 and it has gone viral again now. The video shows 27-year-old Suphachai Panthong, walking into a store in Choburi, Thailand and asking to try on a gold necklace worth £500. He puts the chain on his neck, pretending to admire it, and then runs towards the door.

However, when he reaches the door, it was locked and he could not escape. Panthong was now forced to return the necklace, before waiting for police to arrive.

Check out the hilarious video below:

The store owner had locked the door remotely after becoming suspicious over the man. The thief was later arrested by the police.

Panthong confessed to the cops that he was recently terminated from his job at a factory and was struggling to find other sources of income.