Rajinikanth's look-alike tries to pull a stunt, fails [Watch Video]

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Image: Screengrab from viral video
Image: Screengrab from viral video

New Delhi : Original Rajinikanth cannot be replaced by thousands of his look-alikes. The recent incident proves it.

A video of Rajinikanth's look-alike is going viral on the internet where he tries to pull a stunt and fails miserably.

In the viral video, a person dressed-up as superstar Rajinikanth arrives on the stage. Mimicking the mannerism of the superstar he kicks a chair, apparently to break it, but his leg gets stuck in the chair and he falls on the stage.

Watch video below:

The people on the stage tries to stop him from falling but they fail. The place where incident took place is not known yet, but the video has gone viral and surely making people laugh out loud.

Jokes apart, we hope that the man in the video is not injured and doing well.