Manhattan attack: Donald Trump's extreme vetting order will require you to reveal social media passwords, contact list

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New Delhi : Hours after deadly Manhatten terrorist attack, the United States President Donald Trump has directed Homeland Security to employ 'extreme vetting' process for those trying enter to the US. 

The US President, who had earlier banned entry of citizens of eight countries as part of a crackdown on terrorism, has been largely in support of the increased immigration checks. 

What is extreme vetting? 

White House Chief of Staff John F Kelly defined "extreme vetting" as verifying identities of travellers moving into the United States, The Washington Post reported.

"Extreme vetting is, we simply interview people and have to satisfy ourselves that the person we’re talking to is indeed the person who they claim," the report quoted Kelly as saying. "It might be impossible to do in some cases."

Kelly added, "If we can't verify, I don't think we should let them into the country."

How does the process work?

The visitors entering the US are asked to reveal mobile phone contacts, social media passwords and financial data under extreme vetting practices considered by the Trump administration, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Even tourists from the UK and other countries could also be asked to go through the process. These tourists could also face questions about their ideology.

The measures might include visitors from the 38 countries — the UK, France, Australia and Japan, among them — which participate in a visa waiver programme, which requires adherence to strict US standards in data sharing, passport control and other factors, the report quoted an official as saying.

However, for now, the reports suggest that the diplomatic cables sent by Rex Tillerson to US embassies around the world instructed consular officials to step up security, but these rules did not apply to citizens of the 38 countries under the visa waiver programme.

Ar least eight people were killed in New York's Manhattan after an ISIS 'lone wolf' drove a truck over pedestrians and cyclists before ramming into a school bus. The attacker has been arrested.