'Mehul Choksi had plans to escape to Cuba via Dominica'

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Image tweeted by @ANI
Image tweeted by @ANI

Dominica : Mehul Choksi's alleged girlfriend Barbara Jabarica on Wednesday demolished all his theories of abduction by revealing that he had plans to escape to Cuba via Dominica.

Barbara Jabarica revealed that Mehul Choksi has informed her to meet directly in Cuba next time, she told news agency ANI in an exclusive interview.

"Well, he never used words like escape or shared with me such a plan like this. However, he did ask me twice if I have ever been to Cuba, he also told me that next time we may meet in Cuba. He never explained the escape plan but I'm certain that Dominica is not ideal of his final destination but if you ask my opinion, I can be more and more certain that Cuba could have been his final destination," told Barbara Jabarica to ANI.

According to Mehul Choksi, he was attacked by 8-10 men while he was on his way to meet Barbara Jabarica, with whom he claimed to have ''friendly terms''. Mehul Choksi was allegedly kidnapped during a breakfast meeting with Barbara Jabarica.

She told ANI, "He (Mehul Choksi) hinted me messages like a yacht and if he goes to other islands in the Caribbean, Cuba so there is something that he must be planning for a later stage, that's one of my opinions also that he told me that he is doing a lot of meditation and like last month someone visiting from New York and they have their own guru and they did meditation and he also told me this on Sunday during breakfast meeting that he is practicing to not to have any feeling of fear and then on that day you have this kidnap situation, story start to holding together."

With latest revelations, the theory of him escaping to Cuba has strengthened.