Jitin Prasada joins BJP ahead of UP Elections

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Leader Jitin Prasada (image tweeted by @ANI)
Leader Jitin Prasada (image tweeted by @ANI)

New Delhi : Former Union Minister Jitin Prasada, once a part of Congress, has joined hands with Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) ahead of scheduled Uttar Pradesh elections next year.

The blow to Congress has come at a time when the high commands are trying to figure out solutions for feud in Punjab, another state voting in 2022.

"I started feeling that I was in a party surrounded by politics. I started feeling that I was not able to contribute and work for the people. I wasn't able to work for the benefit of the people," Jitin Prasada said after accepting the BJP's saffron scarf.

"BJP is the only real political party. It's the only national party. Rest of the parties are regional. BJP and (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi only ones that can meet the challenges the country is facing now."

Jitin Prasada is the second big name from Congress who has shifted to BJP in recent times. Earlier, Jyotiraditya Scindia had swapped parties.

His frustration with the party is not known, he was a part of G23 or group of 23 Congress leaders who had appealed to Sonia Gandhi last year demanding reforms in the party, including "full-time visible leadership".

The shift of Prasada from Congress could be fatal for the party as he was among the famous names who could fetch votes and seat for the party.