Monkey B virus: First death reported in China on Monday

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Monkey (Image: Pixabay)
Monkey (Image: Pixabay)

Beijing : China on Monday reported first case of infection in human and death due to Monkey B virus. A Beijing-based veterinary surgeon was diagnosed with the virus after dissecting two dead monkeys in March, according to reports.

One month later, the doctor started to feel nausea and vomiting. He tried treatment in various hospitals but eventually died on May 27, China CDC weekly said.

The Chinese surgeon may have died of the infection but so far there are no cases of human-to-human transmission of the Monkey B virus.

What is Monkey B virus?

The “Monkey B Virus” is found among macaques, a genus of Old World monkeys. It is largely present in the saliva, feces, urine, brain or the spinal cord tissue of the monkeys. The virus can survive on surfaces for hours, especially in moist conditions.

How contagious is the virus?

The risk of transmission for the general population remains extremely low. But laboratory workers, veterinarians and others involved in animal care specifically involving monkeys are at high risk.

What are Monkey B virus symptoms?

Just like COVID-19, the “Monkey B Virus” exhibits flu-like symptoms like fever, muscle ache, chills, fatigue, headache.

Treatment of Monkey B Virus

Currently, there is no vaccine available for the virus. Timely antiviral medications could help in reducing the risk to life.