Nawaz Sharif writes to big 5 of UN, seeks intervention on Kashmir issue

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New Delhi : Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has written a letter to five permanent members of the UN Security Council (China, France, Russian Federation, UK and the USA) seeking their intervention on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute with India.

His letter focuses on the sad situation of the state lying in Indian region as well as international peace and security.

Nawaz Sharif’s letter on Kashmir comes at a time when 4 militants attacked India's Uri Army base to turn eyebrows towards the country, including criticism from the United Nation permanent members.

Sharif has stated (in the letter) that the "non-resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute is a constant source of tension and instability in the region and a threat to international peace and security," the Pakistani foreign office said, adding that he has called upon the permanent members of the Security Council "to fulfill their responsibility with regard to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute."


# Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged permanent members of UN Security Council to intervene in Jammu and Kashmir dispute matter.

# He claimed that dispute in the area is one of the prime reason of increasing tension across the Line of Control.

# All P5 have already adviced Pakistan to solve the matter bilaterally under commitments it has made with the Shimla Accord and the Lahore declaration.

# Sharif is expected to make a similar pitch in his address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

# India's response is also expected on the same floor by next week.