No VIP culture in Dubai! Indian billionaire's D5 Rolls Royce fined

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Dubai rolls Royce fine
Dubai rolls Royce fine

Dubai : Indian businessman Balwinder Singh Sahni hit the headlines again on Wednesday after parking his luxury vehicle Rolls Royce in the wrong Parking lot. He allegedly parked his vehicle in a disabled parking space

Sahni was in news recently for buying a unique single- digit car number plate for a whopping USD 9 million. He bought number plate "D5" for 33 million Dirhams and had said it "will go to one of my Rolls Royces".

But his happiness was short-lived as Dubai police slapped a fine of 1,000 Dirhams after finding out that Sahni's D5-branded Rolls-Royce was parked in the white rectangle of a disabled bay outside Aspen Tower on Shaikh Zayed Road.

Also, the video of the same went viral on social media after which the police took action.

Meanwhile, Sahni claims that the accusations are all wrong and have been made with an attempt to garner publicity. He said that his car was not even parked in the bay and shared pictures of the reported incident with Khaleej Times - with date marks of 14.41pm on October 22 - showing the security manager of the building posing with the car.

According to Sahni, "The car was not parked in that spot, it was parked far away. I was at a meeting and had many bags carrying heavy catalogues so the driver pulled up for about 30 seconds so we could load the car. The pictures I have shared show that my car was in fact parked in the correct parking bays. I respect the law but people should know the truth. It was just unfortunate that brief moment was videoed and misconstrued to the public."

He also claimed that he will not keep quiet when it comes to his rights and therefore will actually file a case against the person who uploaded the video with the police today. “A person should not be uploading such videos. My number plate is creating a lot of interest and they are using it in a negative way. It is sad," he said.

But the charges were refuted by Lt Khamis Mattar Al Mazina, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police who confirmed that police did fine Sahni's driver and explained that "no one is above the law" when it comes to such violations.

So far, Dubai Police has registered 4,215 fines against parking violators and a total 12,431 traffic violations have been received till date.