Oroville Dam Crisis: Indian Sikh community offering food, shelter to those evacuated

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Oroville Dam Crisis: Sikh community help Oroville evacuees
Oroville Dam Crisis: Sikh community help Oroville evacuees

Los Angeles : Thousands of people have evacuated areas surrounding Oroville Dam in Norther California following evacuation orders from top authority. Massive traffic jams have been witnessed and people are trying to scurry out of the situation. 

One community that has once again come to the rescue of those in panic and state of shock is the Indian Sikh community who are offering food and shelter to all those looking for help.

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In Tweets and social media posts, Sikh community people are sharing numbers and making an effort to set up base camps for future rescue efforts. Both Indians and Americans are praising their efforts. 

Take a look at some of the tweets: