Pie in sky literally; gear up for World Pie Eating Championships 2016 tomorrow

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Pie in sky
Pie in sky

Los Angeles : A ‘pie in sky’ literally will be your first reaction when you watch the video shared below.

The oven baked delight has been attached to a weather balloon, allowing it to rise 30 miles into the stratosphere by the organizers of the World Pie Eating Championship. 

The footage has now gone viral. The World Pie Eating Championships 2016 will be held at Harry's Bar, in Wigan, England, tomorrow i.e. on December 20.

Tony Callaghan, pie master of the World Pie Eating Championship, feels that the project was scientifically motivated.

He says, “I thought, 'I’m going to send a pie into sky,'” he said. “Everyone said, ‘Are you going barmy? Why are going to send a pie into [the] sky?’ [But] I wanted to send the pie into space to see what the pie would come back like.”

The pie was launched in air on Thursday from a pub car park near to where the pie eating championships will be held tomorrow in Wigan.  

As seen in the video, the pie is making its glorious journey, soaring way above the clouds in a flight which lasted about three hours.

Finally landing back on earth, it was sent for testing to see whether its molecular structure had changed.

It was also known that the pie was frozen while it made its ascent - before being cooked as it hurtled back towards the ground.