SHOCKING VIDEO: Disturbing clip shows wedding guests groping bridesmaid in China

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Chinese Bridesmaid groped
Chinese Bridesmaid groped

Los Angeles : In a disturbing video that was posted on social media on December 19, a bridesmaid was groped by wedding guests in China.

The 10 second clip that has already attracted over 1.7 million views shows a bridesmaid being groped while other men look on and laugh has emerged online.

This video is the latest in a string of footages that claim to show shocking behaviour at weddings around the country.

The latest footage shows many adults in a bustling room groping the woman, believed to be a bridesmaid, dressed in blue.

As she is forced on bed, men wearing suits push to reach her and touch her all over body. In fact one man also sexually assaults her by reaching inside her dress and touching her breast.

Other men in the room smile and cheer along, while several also take photos on their mobile phones.

The disturbing footage was released on Chinese video-sharing platform, Miaopai , on December 19 but it is not known when or where it took place.

In China, maids of honour have turned into maids of dishonor. From putting up the act to drinking large quantities of alcohol on behalf of the bride to putting up with groping and other forms of harassment, Chinese bridesmaids are today not willing to serve as bridesmaids for their friends and relatives, thus professional bridesmaid rental services has become a booming business in the country.