Spied: How ISI recruits people in India

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Spied: How ISI recruits people in India
Spied: How ISI recruits people in India

New Delhi : Days after revocation of Article 370 of Indian constitution that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, ISI is in full swing to destabilize the situation. India Today TV got its hands on the spying network to unearth the full scale of its recruitment methods involving Pakistani missions in multiple nations.

First time ever, an ISI recruiter was caught on the camera revealing inside out facts about the recruitment by ISI.

Nazir Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, confessed to headhunting for the ISI. His revelations came in different meetings with an India Today correspondent. The process includes one-on-one interviews with Pakistani brigadiers and majors stationed in Pakistani missions across several countries, including India.

"Do you have links in the ISI?" asked India Today's undercover reporter.

"Yes, I do," Bhat replied. "In Kashmir, for instance, I say Salaam Alaikum to both the separatists and the mainstream (leaders)."

Bhat disclosed the he contacts his handlers across the border via satellite phones.

"Whenever I have to call, I use my satellite phone," he said. "And when I cross over, I meet up with them, whether it is Islamabad or Rawalpindi or in PoK."

He also mentioned that the recruitment process by ISI is supervised directly by the senior Pakistani military officers.

"I have done ISI recruitments myself," he said. "They have spread their net far and wide."

"Are you in touch with the main recruiter in Pakistan?" the reporter asked.

"Yes. That's why I told you I'd confirm with him (about your appointment)," answered Bhat.

"What is his name?" probed the reporter.

"Major Abdullah," Bhat replied.

"Who all will come to meet with the new recruits?" the reporter asked.

"They will come themselves... people of the brigadier level," Bhat said.

On probing more about getting a passport and visa to visit the countries he claimed that this is no issue as they can be readied in just one day.

"Passports will not be an issue. We'll go there on Pakistani passports. They'll be readied in one day. That (Pakistani) passport will be left there (in Dubai) itself. You return to India on the Indian passport. Your Indian passport should have no Pakistani stamps. Else, it will be a problem," Bhat added. "I'd get all this done."