Supermoon to collide with ‘hunter’s moon’ on November 14

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Los angeles : The year is ending but not before giving human species one of the biggest moon that most people alive will ever have seen.

The phenomenon will be witnessed on November 14- that is almost 70 years from the last moon seen by anybody.

According to facts, a supermoon happens because of the strange, egg-shaped orbit of the moon, which has two parts basically- one is perigee that is about 30,000 miles closer to earth than the apogee, or the furthest part.

Supermoon usually happens when the orbit of the moon lines up right with the sun and the Earth. The event causes an effect called perigee-syzygy – meaning that the moon appears far bigger in the sky and gets called a supermoon.

People last witnessed such an event in 1948 and next it will be witnessed in 2034.The December moon will fall on 14 December. The October supermoon arrived on the 16th.

This will be just one of three supermoons that will close out 2016, with the sight being visible when the moon is full in December too, as it was in October.

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