Top 10 countries with most powerful armies in the world

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Top 10 army in the world
Top 10 army in the world

New Delhi : Top 10 army in the world: Indeed a good news for all the Indians, as the prestigious Indian Army has secured fourth position in the global rank of most powerful armies. This list has been constructed as per the military resources, natural resources, industry and geographical location and available human resources.

Almost all the countries in the world spend billions of rupees on its military forces to enhance the nation's security. India, though a little backward in terms of business and technology, it stands with powerful forces to comes as number four after China, in the world’s ranking.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s tell you which country holds the state-of-the-art weapons and strong army power in current scenario: 

1. America: It is known to all that the United States spends ten times more money on its defense force than the rest of the country. Therefore, they have 2,130 cruise missiles, 450 ballistic missiles and 19 aircraft carriers, which ensure military strength. 

2. Russia: Russia is the largest exporter of arms in the world. It has the strongest tank force in the number of 15,500. It has total active military strength of 760,000.

3. China: It is the second largest country to invest on defence sector.  Currently, China has a military strength of 2.5 lakh personnel. It has cut lot to imports and is now focusing on developing indigenous technology.

4. India: Indian Army takes pride to exhibit itself with world's second largest army strength. Establishment of Indian Army took services of 11, 30,000 soldiers and 12, 00000 reserved military personnel, immediately after the independence of India in 1947. For now, it spends 46 billion dollars on its army and the budget is expected to grow more with time.

5. UK: In last five years, the military budget in Britain dropped by 20 percent. It has also decided to reduce its military strength by 20 percent. Currently, UK is focusing to increase technology and improve research. Therefore, Britain comes fifth in the list of the most powerful armies.

6. France: France invests over US $ 40 billion on its military. Its army is active in Afghanistan and Africa quite efficiently.

7. Germany: Germany is an energetic member of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), who claims to be highly powerful in relation to its military.

8. Japan: Japan is known for its aggressive inclination during World War 2. It comes in 8th position in the ranking of world's most powerful armies. After the crush in World War 2, Japan slopped down its army force, but today it is one of the world's most powerful forces due to its revolutionary technological skills.

9. South Korea: South Korea has secured on its forces and the country has made itself strong by preparing with state-of-the-art technology. South Korea spends 40 billion dollars for military expenditure. New weapons of state-of-the-art missiles and destructive power are tested, almost every new day.

10. Israel: The army force in Israeli is known for good preparations and operations. Although the country has low military strength it is considered to be one of the most powerful armies in the world. It is because of their unique military technology which makes them the unique and powerful.