Trips to Titanic begin in May 2018

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Titanic ship
Titanic ship

Los Angeles : We all have seen Titanic and have often wondered about the damaged ship beneath the layers of sea water. Well now some of us have got a chance to grab the show below.

Yes, a small group of lucky people will be taken to the historic Titanic underneath sea in May 2018. 

They will be able to witness the tragedy by being able to see it for themselves by joining diving trips to witness the shipwreck firsthand.

London-based tour operator Blue Marble Private will commence the services from May 2018 and run eight-day journeys to offer guests an up-close encounter with the ship that currently rests at a depth of 13,000ft.

The tour will only be open to nine people at a time, and it works on a first come, first serve basis.

The lucky lot will begin their experience by flying by helicopter or seaplane from St John’s, Newfoundland, to the expedition support yacht set above the wreck.

There, the group will be assisted by the crew in planning a dive.

Titanic went down with the devastating loss of 1500 lives on 15 April, 1912.

Holding your breath? Well, you should be as it will cost you £86,500 per person.