Trump set to continue transparency policy on White House visitor records

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Donald Trump on records
Donald Trump on records

Los Angeles : US President Trump appears poised to keep releasing the records of those who visit the White House, continuing an Obama administration transparency policy that gave Americans an unprecedented look at the comings and goings through the powerful complex.

Trump's White House new website maintains a page where it says the visitor records will be posted, The Washington Times reported.

"This page is being updated. It will post records of White House visitors on an ongoing basis, once they become available," the website said.

Good-government groups had called on Trump to maintain the practice, which began in late 2009 under Obama. Some 6 million records were released during his tenure.

During the transition, the Trump team had been coy about whether it would continue to release records.

The records are taken from the Secret Service's logs, which are supposed to track anyone cleared to enter the White House complex. That means any visitor taking a tour shows up, as do lobbyists or government officials there for meetings.