US badly struck with Omicron variant of coronavirus

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US badly struck with Omicron variant of coronavirus (Image: Pixabay)
US badly struck with Omicron variant of coronavirus (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : 73 per cent of the coronavirus cases diagnosed in the US have been found related to the Omicron variant, surging from 3% last week, according to the latest federal estimates.

The highly mutated variant of coronavirus has been detected in most parts of the nation, said CDC in its weekly report. The delta variant, which had been the dominant form of the virus in the US last week, has now receded to roughly 27% of sequenced cases.

The sizable increase in Omicron's overall prevalence underscores fears that the rapidly spreading variant could produce a wave of infections that will strain the US health-care system.

There have been evidences which claim that Omicron variant comes with mild symptoms and in most cases hospitalization is not required but with increase in number of patients, the load will definitely increase on the hospitals.

The jump in Omicron was expected and is similar to patterns seen world-wide, the CDC said. In some pockets of the US, Omicron accounts for nearly all new infections. The variant made up an estimated 92% of cases in New York and New Jersey, the CDC estimate showed, and 96% in Washington state.

The US authorities have asked people to get their coronavirus vaccines and booster shots as soon as possible if you are eligible for it.