US declares new missile defence system to defeat threats from Russia, China

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Breaking news from the US confirms that the government has announced a new missile defence policy targeted at addressing the challenges posed by Russia and China, which seeks to displace America in the Indo-Pacific region and has adopted a forceful posture in disputes over territorial boundaries with its neighbours. 

In the 'Missile Defence Review' report released, the Pentagon said Russia and China were developing advanced cruise missiles and hypersonic missile capabilities that can travel at exceptional speeds with unpredictable flight paths which challenge the existing defensive systems. 

These are challenging realities of the emerging missile threat environment that US missile defense policy, strategy, and capabilities must address, it said. 

"While Russia and China pose separate challenges and are distinct in many ways, both are enhancing their existing offensive missile systems and developing advanced sea and air-launched cruise missiles as well as hypersonic capabilities," Acting Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan said. 

The report presents a broad and layered approach to prevent and defeat adversary missile attacks through a combination of deterrence, active and passive missile defences, and attack operations to destroy offensive missiles prior to launch. 

This comprehensive approach to missile defence strengthens America's ability to protect the homeland, allies and partners and deters adversary threats and attacks, Shanahan said. 

It assures allies and partners engages in diplomacy from a position of strength, hedges against future risk and preserves America's freedom of action to conduct regional military operations in defence of its interests, Shanahan said. 

"China seeks to displace the United States in the Indo-Pacific region and reorder the region to its advantage," the report said. 

Offensive missiles play an increasingly prominent role in China's military modernisation, its coercive threats and efforts to counter US military capabilities in the Indo-Pacific, it said. 

China has deployed 75-100 ICBMs, including a new road-mobile system and a new multi-warhead version of its silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). 

While Russia illegally occupies territory outside its borders, seeks to coerce and destabilise its neighbours, and flouts treaty obligations, China has adopted an increasingly assertive posture in disputes with its neighbours, many of whom are US allies or partners, the Pentagon said.