Drunk man's 'love test' on wife ends up in a fatal accident - Watch video

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Video: In China, drunk man's love test on wife fail
Video: In China, drunk man's love test on wife fail

Beijing : A drunken man was hit by a speeding car on a busy road in China after he intentionally stood in the middle of a road testing his wife's love for him. According to Daily Mail, the incident took place on Monday at Jinhua, in China's Zhenjiang province. 

A video of the incident has been shared massively on social media. The man, however, survived the accident and no loss of life was reported.

BTime reports that the man, surnamed Pan, later told cops that he wanted to test if his wife loved him enough to pull him back.

"I wanted to know if she would pull me back," Mr Pan said. "I wanted to test if she still loved me."

In the short video clip, the couple can be seen fighting on the street; post some time, the wife, surnamed Zhou, is seen trying to pull her husband to safety, even as he keeps rushing back to the middle of the road. In the end, a silver van hits the man on the road.

The man was immediately rushed to a hospital where he is being treated for his injuries and chest fractures. He is not in a critical condition, and the incident is now under investigation.