Viral: Watch hilarious reaction of a man attacked by 'shark' in US museum

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International Spy Museum shark attack (File Photo)
International Spy Museum shark attack (File Photo)

New Delhi : 'Do not touch the glass' or 'touch at your own risk' are common signs in the museums. But what happens when you ignore them? A US man had to find the hard yet hilarious way. 

Gregory Heinzman tapped the glass of a shark aquarium at International Spy Museum in Washington DC and was shocked to see a shark breaking the glass while charging at him. 

The museum is famous for pranking visitors who ignore the signs. Whenever a visitor touches the glass, a shark seems to be ferociously charging at them and breaking the glass. 

But Heinzman's hilarious reaction to the prank has the world in splits. The video recorded by Casey Peck has gone viral with over 7.1 million views and over 2 lakh shares on Facebook. 

Watch the hilarious reaction to 'shark' prank here: