World's oldest man Mbah Gotho from Indonesia passes away at 146

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World's oldest man Mbah Gotho passes away at 146
World's oldest man Mbah Gotho passes away at 146

New Delhi : Claimed to be the world's oldest man from Indonesia has passed away at an age of 146.

As per an official document, the Indonesian man (Mbah Gotho), was born in the year 1870.

Mbah Gotho, also known as Sodimedjo, was a heavy smoker and was admitted to hospital last month for an undisclosed health complaint.

He discharged himself six days later and ate only porridge until he died a few days later, his grandson Suyanto told the BBC.

"Since he came back from the hospital, he only ate spoonfuls of porridge and drank very little," the relative said.

Mbah Gotho is understood to have outlived four wives, 10 siblings and all of his children.

The Indonesian from Central Java is believed to have checked himself out of hospital six days after being admitted on April 12.

His age is yet to be verified. Once it is done he will become the oldest man with staggering figures.

Prior to him, Jeanne Calment (from France) lived for 122 years.