Xi Jinping confirmed to miss G20 Summit in India, Premier Li Qiang to attend

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Xi Jinping confirmed to miss G20 Summit in India, Premier Li Qiang to attend
Xi Jinping confirmed to miss G20 Summit in India, Premier Li Qiang to attend

Beijing : China on Monday confirmed the absence of President Xi Jinping from the upcoming G-20 summit for the first time. Instead, the responsibility of representing China at the meeting in New Delhi on September 9-10 will be entrusted to the Chinese Premier and the second-ranked leader, Li Qiang.

Meanwhile, China has not given any significant reason behind President Xi's decision to not attend the summit, which is a significant annual diplomatic event that China has traditionally regarded as crucial. The nation has typically placed considerable emphasis on this summit, viewing it as an important platform to influence the global order and assert its growing influence.

President Xi Jinping had recently participated in the BRICS summit in South Africa, on August 24, during which he commended the group's decision to broaden its scope. Although there was no official bilateral meeting between President Xi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in South Africa, they engaged in an informal discussion on the sidelines. During this conversation, they spoke about the ongoing unresolved crisis along the Line of Actual Control.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday announced that "at the invitation of India, Chinese Premier Li Qiang will attend the G-20 summit from September 9 to 10 in India."

Spokesperson Mao Ning said, "Given the increasing global economic challenges and mounting pressure on world economic sustainability, it is imperative for the G-20, as the primary platform for international economic cooperation, to enhance its partnerships and confront the significant global economic and developmental hurdles. This effort is vital in contributing to the recovery and growth of the global economy and the advancement of worldwide sustainable development."

When asked about President Xi's absence from the summit, Ms. Mao refrained from offering a specific explanation. She simply stated, "China has consistently regarded G-20 events with utmost importance and active participation. During this year's G-20 Summit, Premier Li Qiang will convey China's perspectives and proposals regarding G-20 cooperation. He will also foster greater unity and collaboration among G-20 nations to collectively address global economic and developmental challenges. We are prepared to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the success of the G-20 Summit and make a meaningful contribution to the stable recovery of the global economy and the promotion of sustainable development."