Angela Merkel reelected as chairman of CDU party, endorses burka ban

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Angela Merkel on Burka ban
Angela Merkel on Burka ban

Los Angeles : German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday laid out her case for fourth term after winning re-election as chairwoman of her Christian Democrats (CDU).

The powerful leader won with 89.5 per cent of votes cast by just under 1,000 party delegates.

Now, she has taken up the issue of burka ban and promises of a tougher stance on immigration after a record influx of refugees.

She presented herself as a guarantor of stability in an uncertain world and pledged to evolve her country from demanding issues.

In an impassioned appeal, she said, "You must help me. No one, not even someone with great experience, can change things for the good in Germany, in Europe, in the world more or less on their own - certainly not a chancellor of Germany. Here we say 'show your face'. So, full veiling is not appropriate here. It should be prohibited wherever legally possible. We are faced with a world, especially after the US election, that needs to re-order itself, with regard to NATO and the relationship with Russia."

Notably, last year Merkel's image was hit after she allowed the migrant influx last year. Nearly 900,000 migrants poured into Germany last year adding to the woes of the country.