Hillary vs Donald: Understanding US Presidential Polls 2016

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Donald vs Hillary
Donald vs Hillary

Los angeles : If there is one thing everyone in America is eagerly waiting for in November is the most expensive, most watched and most awaited US Presidential Elections 2016.

The time is near when the most developed country of the world will witness a historic election. In the past one year, the American presidential election underwent a whole range of complexities and hate campaigns.

On November 8, the election season winds down to the final days and hours with both Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump flexing muscles against each other.

For most who don’t know, there is a two-tiered system for US polls- First there are polls for the national popular vote; second there is the electoral college, which is essentially a points system whereby the presidential candidates earn a certain amount of points for every state.

So in brief, the candidate who earns a total of 270 electoral votes from the states will actually be the winner.

Usually the winner of the popular vote wins the electoral college, but these two numbers aren't necessarily that correlated.

Informingly, Clinton's campaign has spent more than $267 million in television advertising through Election Day. Trump, who claims a net worth of roughly $10 billion, has invested $93 million, according to data collected by Kantar Media.