Meet the Trumps - new US First Family

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Meet the Trumps: Who's who in America's incoming First Family
Meet the Trumps: Who's who in America's incoming First Family

New York : With only few hours remaining when Donald Trump officially become 45th President of the United States, we must know the Trumps, who will now be known as the new US First Family.

Melania Trump, 46:

Melania Trump, Donald Trump's third wife and a former model, originally from Slovenia will be the First Lady from today onwards.

As First Lady she claims to be "very traditional - like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy", The Guardian reported.

As per reports, she will be having a minimal role to play in the administration and will be staying in New York, instead of moving to Washington DC.

Donald Trump Jr., 39:

Donald Trump Jr. is the eldest son of incoming President and is married to model Vanessa Kay Haydon since 2005. The couple has five children.

He currently works alongside his brother Eric as a trustee of The Trump Organization.

According to sources, Trump Jr is not expected to have a role in his father's administration.

Ivanka Trump, 35:

Ivanka Trump, a fashion executive by profession, is the eldest daughter of incoming President with his first wife Ivana.

Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry businessman Jared Kushner, with whom she has three children.

It is still unclear about what role she will be playing in the administration but, she is one of the most trusted consultants of Donald Trump.

Eric Trump, 33:

Donald Trump's youngest son with Ivana, Eric is set to manage the family's business interests over the next four years with his brother.

Arguably the most low-key member of the Trump family, he has been working as the Vice President of the Trump Organisation.

He wed Lara Yunaska in 2014 in a ceremony officiated by Jared Kushner. They have no children.

Tiffany Trump, 23:

Tiffany is Donald Trump's daughter from his second wife, actress and TV personality Marla Maples. She is a recent University of Pennsylvania graduate and is not expected to have any role in her father's administration.

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