US Presidential polls 2016: Clinton, Trump run neck-and-neck ahead of D-Day

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US Presidential polls 2016
US Presidential polls 2016

Los angeles : Less than 100 hours are left for the world to know, who finally won the US Presidential Elections 2016. Will it be much touted Hillary Clinton or the rather aggressive and much hated Donald Trump

On the Election Day, more than 100 million American voters will exercise their franchise to bring a new power in the oval office of United States.

The campaigning in in its last leg with President Obama jumping in the fray to warn voters against consequences of choosing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

In one of his campaigns, he was heard saying, "The fate of the Republic+ rests on your shoulders."

Meanwhile, Hillary and Trump flexed muscles during their respective rallies while speaking about several issues that are important in perspective of this year’s election process.

The polls continue to indicate a tight race between the Presidential candidates. Latest ABC-Washington Post tracking poll as of Thursday morning shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 47-45, among likely voters polled October 29 to November 1.

The outcome of the elections now completely depends on the turnout. Both sides are making herculean efforts to get their voter base to the polling booth, but the actual result will only come out on November 8- a day when US will witness historic elections.