US presidential recount in Wisconsin: Clinton to participate as Trump calls it a scam

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Hillary vs Donald again
Hillary vs Donald again

Los angeles : Taking on President-elect Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Saturday declared that it will participate in the statewide election recount effort in Wisconsin.

The recounting has been spearheaded by third-party candidate Jill Stein who indignantly tweeted, "I will do a recount in any state where the deadline has not passed."

Stein’s campaign is trying to fundraise online as much as $7 million for the effort and has garnered around $5.7 million as of Saturday morning.

She is also planning to file a recount effort in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Hillary’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias` statement read: "Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves," Elias wrote in a Medium post explaining the decision, "but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides."

Meanwhile, President-elect Donald Trump has not been very happy about the move and on Saturday morning he slammed the effort as a "scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded."

He said, "This recount is just a way for Jill Stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn't even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount," Trump said in a statement. He added that Clinton herself had said after conceding, "We must accept this result and then look to the future."