Affordable alternative: Hop Leo electric scooter's 120 Km range at under Rs 1 L

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Affordable alternative: Hop Leo electric scooter's 120 Km range at under Rs 1 L (Image:
Affordable alternative: Hop Leo electric scooter's 120 Km range at under Rs 1 L (Image:

Delhi : The High-Speed version of the HOP LEO electric scooter has been released by HOP Electric. The new e-introduction scooter's reaffirms HOP Electric's commitment to provide affordable mobility. The brand-new Hop Leo can be purchased online or at a HOP Experience Center for less than 1 lakh.

While the top speed is 52 kmph, the true range is stated to be 120 km. Hop Leo's high-speed variation is powered by eFlow technology and has a 72 V voltage design. The motor lists 90 Nm of maximum torque and 2200 W of peak power. These figures place it as a potent entry-level electric scooter. In order to ensure simple handling and a comfortable ride, the BLDC hub motor is paired with Sinusoidal FOC Vector Control.

Hop Leo Long Range Electric Scooter

With 2.1 kWh of installed capacity, the battery type is an advanced lithium-ion. On a single charge, it travels 120 kilometres. 2.5 hours for an 850 W smart charger to charge from 0% to 80%. The advantages of modern lithium ion batteries include their great performance and long life. The battery's installed capacity of 2.1 kWh indicates that it can store a respectable quantity of energy, ensuring dependable power for extended use.

Additionally, this capacity guarantees that the gadget won't need to be recharged for an extended period of time. Furthermore, modern lithium-ion batteries are favoured by many electric scooters because of their high energy density and quick charging prowess. Modern efficiency demands should be added.

There are four riding modes on the HOP LEO electric scooter: Eco, Power, Sport, and Reverse. Ability to climb reaches a maximum of 12 degrees. An upright telescoping fork is used for the front suspension. Additionally, a hydraulic spring-loaded shock absorber is used in the rear suspension. The scooter has Combi-brake system, disc-disc brakes, and regenerative braking.

The front and rear wheels are each 10 inches in diameter, and the tyres are 90/90-R10. The ground clearance measurement is 160 mm. and 160 Kgs of loading capacity. Additionally, it is waterproof and dustproof thanks to its IP classification of IP 67/65. It has a 19.5 litre boot. Ground clearance is 160 mm, load bearing capability is 160 kg, and kerb weight is 80 kg.

Registration of a green licence plate

Even though it has an LCD digital display, it lacks connectivity. There is an optional third-party GPS tracker available. The colour selection available to one is as follows: the colours black, white, grey, blue, and red. It is important to register and have a green licence plate.

There is a three-year warranty on vehicles. Three years or 40,000 kilometres are covered by the battery warranty. The vehicle's manufacturer claims that it is ideal for riders seeking power, range, and speed with a smooth ride and superb handling. And starting in January 2023, it's accessible through HOP showrooms.