Bajaj Pulsar 125: Leaked features and fuel-injection ahead of launch

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Bajaj Pulsar 125: Leaked features and fuel-injection ahead of launch (Image:
Bajaj Pulsar 125: Leaked features and fuel-injection ahead of launch (Image:

Delhi : The only bike in the Pulsar lineup with a fuel-injection system instead of an e-carb was the Bajaj Pulsar 125, but that appears to be changing shortly after the new 2023 model was sighted prior of its release. It appears that the bike will also get new alloy wheels and colour in addition to this significant makeover.

Updates on the 2023 Bajaj Pulsar 125

The new split three-spoke alloy wheels that replace the original six-spoke ones and seem much more contemporary and sleeker are the most obvious aesthetic difference. Another subtle aesthetic modification that conceals a significant mechanical one is the removal of the DTS-i emblem from the engine housing and replacement with the Bajaj logo. This could indicate that the Pulsar 125 is switching from a "twin-spark" setup to a more typical single spark plug setup. 

The major mechanical modification is the conversion from an electronic carburetor to a fuel-injection system, which is evident by the lack of a petcock (the small selector under the fuel tank on the left side, used to control the fuel supply on carburetted bikes). Prior models had ratings of 11.8 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 10.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm. These production statistics shouldn't change much that much as a result of this change in the fuel distribution mechanism. 

In addition to immediate and average fuel economy numbers, the digi-analogue display now also displays the distance till empty. With this update, it appears that the bike will also receive a few additional colour choices. The bike remains basically unchanged from the previous design except from the aforementioned modifications. 

Expect the current Pulsar 125 pricing of Rs. 81,414 (Neon single seat), Rs. 89,254 (Carbon Fibre single seat), and Rs. 91,642 to rise as a result of all these modifications. (Carbon Fibre split seat). The TVS Raider 125, Honda SP125, and Hero Glamour Canvas are among of the Bajaj Pulsar 125's competitors.