Best 125cc Bikes In India: Know Your Options Before You Make a Purchase

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Best 125cc Bikes In India: Know Your Options Before You Make a Purchase
Best 125cc Bikes In India: Know Your Options Before You Make a Purchase

New Delhi : Consumers in India like motorcycles that are not only enjoyable to ride but also provide good value for money. To fulfill this ever-increasing demand and customer behavior, Indian bike manufacturers have placed significant emphasis on creating, manufacturing, and selling viable 125cc bikes in India. The bike models in this category provide the basic functionality of speed, performance, and fuel efficiency at an inexpensive price, placing them at the top of the list for individuals wanting to purchase their first commuter bike.

125cc bikes in India are renowned for their excellent fuel economy and ample power to remain ahead of the rest of the traffic. 

They are ideal for city folks who want a handy and economical mode of transport. It is because 125cc motorcycles are in high demand because of their mileage, fuel economy, and affordability. In this post, we will discuss some of India's best bikes in this price range.

Pulsar NS125

In typical Pulsar NS fashion, the engine adores being revved, and power delivery is at best adequate low in the rev range, powerful in the midrange, and diminishing as it approaches the red line. Bajaj has tweaked the Pulsar NS125 engine to be quite tractable, allowing the motorcycle to easily accelerate from 25kmph to 35kmph in fifth gear.

Image Source: Bajaj

Suspension: The Pulsar NS125 seems noticeably more stimulated in terms of handling, and it requires far less effort to swiftly change direction. As you would expect from a bike with Pulsar NS branding, the suspension is excellent and sturdy.

Features: This 125cc bike gets a half digital half analog display with an LCD speedometer. However, it does get an LED treatment with the headlight display even featuring a DRL setup.

Street Smart Size: The 125cc commuter has dimensions that allow gliding easily on any kind of road, measuring 2012mm in length, 805mm in height, and 810mm in width.

Choose A Path, And Go: The bike has telescopic forks up front and an adjustable mono-shock suspension in the back to match its "sporty feel." However, the tires—an 80/100 front and 100/90 rear—are somewhat thin. However, because of the bike's alloy rims, they are tubeless in both the front and the back.

With Pulsar NS125, there are so many routes to discover and so little time, so embark on a journey and soar like an eagle.

Pulsar 125

When Pulsar's first version was released in 2001, it completely changed the definition of what an affordable, high-performance bike might be. The motorbike was so well-known that, nearly two decades later, its name is still regarded as one of the most prestigious in Indian motorcycling. However, the 125 will be excellent as a daily commuter due to the smooth ride provided by the suspension and the roomy seats for the rider and pillion.

First-in-class Design: The Pulsar 125 showcases split-seat and split-grab rails. The 125cc bike has the following dimensions: 2,055mm in length, 755mm in width, and 1,060mm in height. Its fuel tank holds 11.5 liters, and its ground clearance is 165 millimeters.

Effectively efficient bike: A 124.4cc single-cylinder engine paired with five-speed manual transmission power the Pulsar 125. The air-cooled engine can produce 11.8 horsepower and 11 nm of torque. The Bajaj Pulsar 125 bike can return 62 kilometers per liter.

Image Source: Bajaj

Glide the roads with Roar: The Bajaj Pulsar 125cc has dual gas shocks in the back and a telescopic fork suspension arrangement upfront. In terms of tyres, the Pulsar has 100/90 x 17-inch tyres on the back and 80/100 x 17-inch tyres up front. While drum brakes are standard throughout the board, the top-spec trim is the only one with a front disc brake.

Safety is assured: Regarding security, Bajaj has included CBS (Combined Braking System) as standard equipment on all models of the Pulsar 125. The headlamp and side indicators are equipped with conventional bulbs, but the taillamp is an LED unit. The 125cc bike instrumentation includes a traditional tachometer in addition to a digital display that includes the most important information, including the trip meter, fuel gauge, and speedometer.

A “bike-it” list is far better than a bucket list. We want you to create a long “Bike-It” list.

Pulsar has made it abundantly clear that the 125 is not a commuter bike but rather a bike that maintains the Pulsar experience in the commuter market. Despite being the least efficient of the bunch, at 57.5 km/l, they even included the baby Pulsar's ARAI-certified fuel-efficiency stats in comparison to the rest of the sector. 

Wrapping up

In the middle of these numerous changes, the category of the best 125cc bikes in India also underwent an improvement. The days when the 125cc class of bikes provided only commuters with a minor power increase over 100-110cc motorcycles are long gone. This segment now provides a variety of motorcycle kinds, including high-performance models that were once thought to be appropriate for only the most developed overseas markets.