Hero HF Deluxe 2023 launched with price starting at Rs 60,000: New colours to USB charging

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Hero HF Deluxe 2023 launched with price starting at Rs 60,000: New colours to USB charging (Image: heromotocorp.com)
Hero HF Deluxe 2023 launched with price starting at Rs 60,000: New colours to USB charging (Image: heromotocorp.com)

Delhi : The HF Deluxe is the second best-selling bike in Hero MotoCorp's lineup and one of the most well-liked entry-level commuters in the nation. It currently belongs to the 20 million sales club. With the upgrades, HF Deluxe hopes to reach new milestones and provide consumers with a better overall experience.

2023 HF Deluxe has enhanced capabilities to compete with rivals thanks to additional features. It is nevertheless reasonably priced, with the kick-start option beginning at Rs 60,760. The cost of the self-start version is Rs 66,408.

Hero HF Deluxe: New Features

Hero has unveiled a brand-new Canvas Black Edition of the HF Deluxe for people who like sportier appearance. The headlight cowl, engine, leg guard, gasoline tank, exhaust pipe, alloy wheels, and grab rails are all covered in an all-black style. With the blacked-out look, the handlebar, telescopic front forks, and rear suspension all still have their bright chrome finishes. The 3D HF Deluxe insignia is added to the side panels of the Canvas Black Edition, giving the bike extra personality.

A new stripes portfolio, which is a new graphics motif for the bike, will also be available for the 2023 HF Deluxe. The bike's appearance has been much improved by the new sporty graphics. The fuel tank, side panels, under-seat panels, and headlight cowl all feature the new stripes designs. Four distinct colour choices are available to users under the HF Deluxe stripes portfolio. Nexus Blue, Candy Blazing Red, Heavy Grey with Black, and Black with Sports Red are among the colours offered.

A USB charger is now available from HF Deluxe in terms of equipment. With the Self and Self i3S models, alloy wheels with tubeless tyres have also been added. Toe guard and a side stand indication are further advantages. Hero comes with a normal five-year warranty and five free servicing for HF Deluxe.

Hero HF Deluxe - Specifications and Performance

The bike's mechanical components have not changed. A 97.2cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, BS-VI (OBD-II compatible), programmed fuel injection engine with "XSens Technology" powers HF Deluxe. Numerous advantages, like great fuel efficiency, longer engine life, smooth rides, effortless acceleration, and low maintenance, are provided by Hero XSens.

8.02 PS of maximum power and 8.05 Nm of maximum torque are produced by the engine. The 100cc Splendour Plus has the same engine as this. The engine is coupled with a 4-speed gearbox. The 98.98 cc engine of the competing Honda Shine generates 7.38 PS and 8.05 Nm.

The dimensions of 2023 HF Deluxe are 1965 mm long, 720 mm wide, and 1045 mm high. It has a 1,235 mm wheelbase. The seat is 805 mm high. The HF Deluxe can traverse a variety of terrain because to its 165 mm ground clearance. The bike's 733 mm-long seat length makes it suited for both transporting large load and pillion passengers. A self-starting kerb weight of 112 kg assures stability at high speeds.