Honda Benly E-Scooter: Range and top speed explained

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Honda Benly E-Scooter: Range and top speed explained (Image:
Honda Benly E-Scooter: Range and top speed explained (Image:

Delhi : Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular in the Indian market, and Honda is ready to capitalise on this trend with its Benly model. After Honda was discovered testing a brand-new electric scooter termed the Benly e with a test registration number last year, this is the first instance of the same kind with a green registration number.

Motive of E-scooter Honda Benly

At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, this electric scooter was on show. The logistics and pick-up and delivery services are the electric scooter's target markets, it has been discovered. It is designed with two batteries. The capacity of each battery size is 0.99 kWh. The two batteries are exchangeable. With the help of this innovation, electric vehicles may be charged more quickly and consumers won't have to wait around unnecessarily.

Specifications and variations of Honda Benly

Four trim levels of the Benly e electric scooter are offered internationally. The Benly e I, Pro Benly e I, Benly e II, and Pro Benly e II. The scooters' highest speed is 60 miles per hour, and their maximum range on a single charge is 87 km. Although the company has not yet revealed any information, it is said that an electric scooter is being evaluated for swappable battery technology. The business can use it to create its first electric scooter.

Honda's entry-level model has a 2.8 kW electric motor, while their more potent models have a 4.2 kW motor. Two detachable 48V batteries are included with each model.