Honda considers launching CL250 and CL300 Scrambler bikes in India

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Honda considers launching CL250 and CL300 Scrambler bikes in India (Image:
Honda considers launching CL250 and CL300 Scrambler bikes in India (Image:

Delhi : The 'CL' motorbike line, which dates back to the 1970s, may be brought back by Honda motorbike and Scooter India. Honda has now copyrighted the CL series in India after releasing the CL300 in China. The Japanese bicycle manufacturer is apparently thinking about bringing this model line to India.

There will be several engine options for the CL line of motorcycles. The CL250, CL300, and CL500 are a few of these. The CL300 debuted earlier this year despite the CL500's earlier introduction. The 250–300cc line of Honda's CL motorcycles has a patent in India. While the CL300 will have a 286cc engine, the 250 will have a 249cc engine. It's interesting to note that, despite differences in the bore and stroke, both engines are produced from the same block. The CL300 might be rated as 26.6 BHP, while the CL250 is anticipated to produce 23.6 BHP and 22.55 Nm.

Honda Rebel's Scrambler siblings make up the whole CL line. They will probably share transmissions, engines, and other mechanical components as a result. There are no differences between the CL250, CL300, and CL500 other than the engine. Both motorcycles appear to be almost similar. 

A wide spectrum of buyers are likely to find the bike's Scrambler design appealing. The bike has a redesigned frame and fuel tank design, and it also has different wheels, tyres, and an exhaust system from the Honda Rebel. The exhaust has two tips and an upswept shape. The Rebel's seat height is 790 mm, which is 100 mm higher than the Rebel's cruiser-style setting. Honda's Scrambler variants are most likely to come with bigger 19-inch front wheels. Single discs with a single channel ABS are part of the braking system.

In order to provide owners of the CL motorcycles distinct customization choices, Honda may also include a variety of accessories with the bikes. Later in the year, Honda should introduce the motorcycle. The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 and other competitors might have faced up with the Honda CL.