2022 Creta and Seltos Sales Hit the 2.42-L Mark - Here's How

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2022 Creta and Seltos Sales Hit the 2.42-L Mark - Here's How (Image: hyundai.com)
2022 Creta and Seltos Sales Hit the 2.42-L Mark - Here's How (Image: hyundai.com)

Delhi : Mid-size SUV sales, including those of the Hector, Harrier, XUV700, and Safari, were considered in our earlier analysis. Compact SUV sales were 3,47,264 units in CY 2022, of which Creta sales accounted for 1,40,895 units. The Kia Seltos accounted for 1,01,479 of the segment's sales, with the remaining models accounting for the remainder.

Together, the two Korean manufacturers, Creta and Seltos, sold more than 2.42 lakh units and held about 70% of the market. In 2022, seven of every ten small SUVs sales were either seltos or creta.

CY 2022 Sales of Small SUVs

In this division, the Hyundai Creta is a strong contender. Sales, which had been rising gradually each month through CY2022 and had averaged 11,741 units per month, reached 30,007 units in Q1 2022 and 37,414 units in Q2 2022. The first half of 2022 saw 67,421 units sold. There were 38,068 units sold in the third quarter and 35,406 units in the fourth. Since fewer sales were reported in December 2022, Q4 sales decreased.

The Kia Seltos, which had an average monthly sales volume of 8,457 units and a market share of 29.22 percent, came in at number two. 1,01,479 units were sold overall in calendar year 2022, with sales beginning the year at 11.483 units in January and falling to 26,473 units at the end of the first quarter. The following quarter had a further decline in sales, with Q2 2022 ending at 21,847 units while Q3 saw an increase to 28,103 units. Once more, Q4 sales declined to 25,056 units, bringing H2's total to 53,159 unit sales.

With 26,666 units sold during the year, Skoda Kushaq held a 7.68 percent market share. Sales during the first quarter of 2022 were 7,414 units in Q1, 7,202 units in Q2, and 14,616 units for the first half. Sales dropped from 6,164 in the third quarter to 5,886 in the fourth. The new Kushaq Xpedition Edition from Skoda has been spotted on test in the sporty colours of black and orange as it gets ready for debut.