Becoming one of the most sought-after supercar collectors in India is Darshansinh Jadeja

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Image: Darshansinh Jadeja
Image: Darshansinh Jadeja

New Delhi : The kind of love this youngster from Rajkot, Gujarat, has for supercars is infectious and making many others fall in love with his collection.

People can have a madness for many a thing in life; some are made lovers for food, some like to keep expanding their wardrobe collection with top-notch clothing, some are watch enthusiasts, and then there are car enthusiasts and lovers. Of course, the world has known a handful of such individuals, who have displayed their astute knowledge and passion for some of the best car brands in the world, but how many times have we heard about individuals doing the unusual and going ahead in doing something around their passion for cars? We came across a high-performing car enthusiast and a young car collector who has some of the best car brands to the huge collection he has created for himself; he is Darshansinh Jadeja.

Darshansinh Jadeja has over the years become a youth influencer of sorts for the kind of lifestyle he has created for himself, becoming one of the youngest millionaires in Gujarat, who since a young age has been passionate about collecting the world’s best brand of cars and still looks forward to adding on to his collection if any giant car brand launches their newer car versions.

The youngster, who is based in Rajkot, Gujarat, highlights that from a very early age, the opulent cars always attracted his attention the most. Little did he know then that life would present him with innumerable opportunities, where he could own the same cars, he once dreamt about. Dreams do come true, proves this young talent from Gujarat, who now wants to stop for none and accelerate his career to greater success levels.

Darshansinh Jadeja owns the magnificent most cars in the world including, Ford Mustang, BMW Z4 (convertible), Jaguar XF, Range Rover Evoque, Ford Endeavour, and Toyota Fortuner. Now, he has jumped into becoming a producer as well in the entertainment space as he has developed an idea of a reality TV show all about supercars. Yes, you heard that right. Feels exciting enough? On this, Darshansinh Jadeja says, “I thought only having the passion for something is not enough, one has to cross boundaries and do something around it, to create a more fulfilling journey for oneself. That’s what I did by planning to produce a car-based reality TV show, a one of a kind concept in the history of reality TV in India.”

Well, we only wish the car fanatic and one of the youngest car collectors of India all the very best for all that he aims to do with his career. Do find out more about him through Instagram @darshansinh_jadeja9.