Future of electric vehicles - Tata power's 25,000 EV charging points across India

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Future of electric vehicles - Tata power's 25,000 EV charging points across India (Image: Tata)
Future of electric vehicles - Tata power's 25,000 EV charging points across India (Image: Tata)

Delhi : Tata Power announced on Friday that it will install 25,000 EV charging stations across the nation to encourage a quicker uptake of e-mobility over the following five years.

The organization is displaying a selection of cutting-edge electric vehicle charging options at the currently taking place Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida.

An official statement from the corporation claims that attendees had a first-hand look at the technology powering Tata Power's massive EV charging network, EZ Charge, as well as one of the most popular mobile EV charging apps.

As per Tata Power, the app offers a number of benefits including assisting commuters in locating the closest charging station, knowing the status of charging stations in real-time, and receiving updates on charging progress.

Additionally, the business claimed that information on its Network Operations Center (NOC) was visible. In India, the NOC aids in the efficient operational management of charging stations.

The company presently offers more than 3600 public and semi-public chargers as well as more than 23500 residential chargers thanks to its extensive presence in the EV charging industry. Many of these charging stations, which can be found in malls, hotels, airports, and office buildings, are also fast charging compatible, it stated.

With real-time contact with all on-board chargers and integration with the web platform that underpins Tata Power's EZ Charge services, NOC assists in the early discovery of technological problems. Along with speedy problem-solving, preemptive planning for chargeable infrastructure maintenance, and back-end system support, the NOC also provides these services.

"The demand for electric vehicles is continuously rising in India," stated Virendra Goyal, Head of Business Development, Tata Power. Therefore, having a strong charging network across India is crucial.

The organization said that the project is in keeping with the government's National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, which aims to create an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles utilizing the most up-to-date technological tools and to make such charging stations easily accessible.

To handle the charging infrastructure in real time, Tata Power has also established a cutting-edge Network Operations Centre in Mumbai.