Hero Electric's Optima CX range: Power of CX5.0 and CX2.0

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Hero Electric's Optima CX range: Power of CX5.0 and CX2.0 (Image: heroelectric.in)
Hero Electric's Optima CX range: Power of CX5.0 and CX2.0 (Image: heroelectric.in)

Delhi : The new and improved Optima CX5.0 (Dual Battery), Optima CX2.0 (Single Battery), and NYX (Dual Battery) electric scooters have been released by Hero Electric. Although the adjustments are minor, they are sufficient to maintain the models, which have emerged as some of the most well-liked in the Indian market, competitive with more expensive and sophisticated e-scooters from other automakers.

"Our wide portfolio has been giving a great value proposition catering to varied mobility requirements of the discriminating Indian consumer," said Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, in a speech at the launch event. Our main design tenet has been to create bikes that are both extremely safe and efficient.

Our new line of power trains, which practically transform every drop of battery power into meaningful kilometres, was designed with the assistance of the extensive feedback we received from our 6 lac bikes during a 15-year period. The key is a super-intelligent close-loop sync system that recognises every tiny difference in the load and road condition in real-time and delivers the exact amount of energy needed without wasting any.

Built to survive the various Indian weather conditions, even in the most isolated places, the new range of electric scooters offers cutting-edge Japanese motor technology for a smoother ride and German ECU technology for unrivalled precision performance. Our top-of-the-line models have cutting-edge technologies like "dynamically synchronised powertrain" and "hibernating battery technology".

The built-in software on the scooters also enables improved vehicle diagnostics, including remote maintenance, maximum battery life protection, and more effective charging.

"After 15 years of unwavering devotion towards establishing India's electric vehicle ecosystem, we are totally determined to accomplishing the country's electric mobility mission," stated Naveen Munjal, MD of Hero Electric, in response to the introduction of the new scooters. Our constant efforts are directed towards making this vision a reality as soon as possible. Every one of our products has gone through a rigorous R&D process with a main goal of guaranteeing client safety. Alongside this, we have also collaborated closely with our partners to meet the nation's growing demand for EVs. We are pleased to report that our manufacturing facilities will produce over 1 million automobiles yearly as a result.

A 3kWh battery pack and a 1.9kW motor are included in the new Hero Electric NYX CX5.0. This enables the scooter to reach a top speed of 48 kmph and a claimed range of 113 km on a single charge. The 1.9kW motor is powered by a 3kWh battery within the Optima CX5.0. The OptimaCX2.0 has a range of 89 kilometres per charge and a top speed of 48 kilometres per hour thanks to a 2 kWh battery pack that drives a 1.9 kW engine.

The recently released Optima CX5.0 is available in Dark Matt Blue and Matt Maroon, while the Optima CX.20 will be offered at our dealership, Pan-India, in Dark Matt Blue and Charcoal Black colour schemes. Whereas NYX will be offered in Pearl White and Charcoal Black. Price ranges for the Hero Electric Comfort and City speed scooters are between Rs 85,000 and Rs 95,000 and Rs 1,05,000 and Rs 1,30,000, respectively.