Next-Gen Renault Duster SUV: Sneak peek at 5 upcoming innovations

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Next-Gen Renault Duster SUV: Sneak peek at 5 upcoming innovations (Image:
Next-Gen Renault Duster SUV: Sneak peek at 5 upcoming innovations (Image:

Delhi : Ruggedly selling mid-size SUVs, the Renault Duster was withdrawn in 2022 in India, where it had long garnered a devoted fanbase. But now, Renault is getting ready to introduce a thorough generational redesign that will revitalize the Duster brand.November 29, 2023, is the much anticipated day of the next generation Renault Duster SUV's world premiere.

Although specifics are still being kept under wraps, it is expected that the new Duster will have a number of notable modifications, including upgraded interiors and contemporary styling, as well as cutting-edge technology and more efficient powertrains. These are the five main modifications we can expect from the next Renault Duster generation.


Influenced by the Dacia Bigster, the next Duster will have a design that is defined by its massive, boxy shape. This SUV is going to look great with its new bumper that has integrated aluminum skid plates, a revamped front grille, sharp LED headlights, and conspicuously flared fenders. The back doors will have door handles positioned on the C-pillar, while the front doors will continue to have standard handles. It is anticipated that the rear profile would change, adding a new bumper and taillamps with a triangle form.


Both a five-seater and a seven-seater version of the next Renault Duster are expected to be offered. The 5-seater version will compete directly with incoming three-row SUVs from Maruti Suzuki and Toyota, while the 7-seater Duster will take on competitors like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Maruti Grand Vitara, and Honda Elevate.


The Duster is getting a major makeover. It will now run on a new CMF-B modular platform, which will be the basis for all of Renault's next products. This new platform will allow all Renault vehicles to share similar components such as axle design, floor structure, interior layout, and mechanical parts. Due of the platform's adaptability, the corporation will be able to swap out parts across cars and customize them to fit different consumer demands and markets while still meeting international safety and pollution regulations. View: Renault India Is Developing Nine New Vehicles


Apart from its style and platform improvements, spy photos show that the all-new Duster will go bigger—though its exact measurements are yet unknown. The dimensions of the previous generation vehicle were 4360 mm in length, 1822 mm in width, 1695 mm in height, and 2673 mm in wheelbase.


The next generation Renault Duster is anticipated to come with plug-in hybrid and electric drivetrain options worldwide. Whether the hybrid version will be offered in India is still up in the air. The SUV's 1.3L turbocharged petrol engine produced 156 horsepower when it was phased out in India.