Tata Tigor dual tone discontinued – What’s the price?

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Tata Tigor dual tone discontinued – What’s the price? (Image: cars.tatamotors.com)
Tata Tigor dual tone discontinued – What’s the price? (Image: cars.tatamotors.com)

Delhi : The appeal of a dual-tone colour scheme depends greatly on the model and body type. Certain cars might look best with a dual-tone colour, while others would prefer a monochromatic tint. In essence, not all types of cars may be appropriate for dual-tone colours.

Tigor dual-tone is no longer available

Dual-tone colour options are especially inappropriate for sedans. Their essentially formal nature restricts the scope for experimenting with exterior colour tones. Monochromatic colours will generally be preferred over dual-tone ones by someone shopping for a sedan. Comparatively, dual-tone may be the top preference for those purchasing SUVs.

Tigor once had a dual-tone option with the colour shades of Magnetic Red and Opal White. Due to their Infinity Black roofs, dual-tone Tigor variations might be identified. Other from that, there were not many differences between the monochromatic and dual-tone colour variations. For Tigor, dual-tone colours previously included XZ+ DT, XZA+ DT, XZ+ CNG DT, XZ+ LP DT, XZ+ LP DT, and XZ+ CNG LP DT.

For Tigor, two-tone colours were highly appealing on their own. This is especially true for the dual-tone Tigor Magnetic Red colour. Dual-tone, however, might not be exactly what a consumer is seeking for in a sedan.

Because Tigor's dual-tone alternatives are no longer available, it's possible that there wasn't much of a market for them. Only four monotone colour options—Magnetic Red, Arizona Blue, Opal White, and Daytona Grey—are still available for Tigor.

Tigor's colour options in comparison to competitors

None of the vehicles in the segment of entry-level sedans provide the dual-tone option. Tigor's dual-tone offers were possibly an attempt to establish a USP. But, it doesn't appear to have accomplished the expected goals. Because to the fact that competitors like the Maruti Dzire, Honda Amaze, and Hyundai Aura only offer monochromatic colours, discontinuing dual-tone for the Tigor shouldn't present too many problems.

The only issue might be the variety of colours these cars come in. The Tata Tigor has the fewest colour selections out of the bunch. Radiant Red Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, Golden Brown Metallic, Meteoroid Grey Metallic, and Lunar Silver Metallic are the five colour options for Amaze.

Typhoon Silver, Starry Night, Teal Blue, Arctic White, Fiery Red, and Titan Grey are the six available colours for the Hyundai Aura. The Maruti Dzire is available in six different colours: Arctic White, Premium Silver, Magma Grey, Sherwood Brown, Oxford Blue, and Phoenix Red.

It's unlikely that Tata Tigor will undergo any other significant changes outside the elimination of dual-tone colour. The 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine that drives Tigor produces a maximum power of 86 PS and a maximum torque of 113 Nm. Options for transmission include a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT. The figures for running on CNG are 73.4 Hp and 95 Nm. A 5-speed manual transmission is available for the Tigor CNG. To meet BS6 Phase 2 pollution regulations, the engine has been modified. Price ranges for the 2023 Tigor range from Rs 6.2 lakh to Rs 8.9 lakh, ex-sh.